The minimum initial investment information discussed herein is not intended, nor will it, apply in all situations. It is intended for informational purposes only. This website does not constitute an offer, invitation, or commitment to sell a NAPA AUTO PARTS store to any individual or entity even if said individual or entity meets the minimum investment criteria discussed herein. Individuals or entities with additional available funds will likely be better prepared for NAPA AUTO PARTS store ownership. The NAPA AUTO PARTS store ownership process takes into consideration other information and criteria (including the applicant's finances, credit history, prior work history, etc.) and it is not based solely on access to the minimum investment amounts discussed herein. While NAPA and its member companies do not offer financing, NAPA AUTO PARTS store owners may be able to enjoy the benefits of relationships established by NAPA and its member companies with national lending institutions. The total initial investment information contained herein is an approximation, and it is not necessarily indicative of the actual amount individuals or entities will need to purchase or open a NAPA AUTO PARTS store. The market size, store size, real estate values, and many other variable factors will affect the total investment in each situation.

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